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Underwater Pile Welding & Cutting: Steel, Timber and Concrete

Shorewater Marine's is experienced in a range of underwater cutting techniques for all composites of pile, previously we have successfully cut and extracted steel, timber and concrete piles with a range of techniques such as ultra thermic, hydraulic, pneumatic and diamond wire saw.

Our preference of employing tradesman Commercial Divers ensures that only qualified steel fabricators and welders are used to complete Underwater Welding and Underwater Cutting projects safely and efficiently.

Jetty Marine Pontoon  Systems

Shorewater Marine have current projects and completed installations across Western Australia. We provide all services for jetty systems such as; 

  • Distribution

  • Design

  • Construction

  • Refurbishment

  • Maintenance

  • Demolition

Pile Restoration and Protection

Shorewater Marine is experienced in all facets of marine pile restoration included but not limited to pile wrapping and repair, fibre glass injection grout repairs. Impletmenting, installing, inspecting and monitoring cathodic protection systems such as sacrificial anodes or impressed current systems.

We are a licensed applicator of Denso Seashield Splash Zone and Subsea protective coatings and have experience in the design and implementation of rust proofing systems, utilising petrolatum based compounds and coatings.

Underwater Welding and Cutting
Corrosion Control & Prevention

Shorewater Marine's team of experienced Commercial Divers are proficient in the implementation and application of various forms of corrosion protection and prevention systems both Subsea and Surface.

Our experience also includes Environmental Hydro Blasting, abrasive blasting and re-application of protective paint coatings on marine structures and assets including jetties, piles, sheet wall piling, superstructures and vessel hulls.

In Water Surveys and Inspections

Our divers are proficient in conducting above water, water line, subsea and below seabed inspections via seabed excavation on marine based structures and assets, our experience in this field includes but is not limited to:

- Ultrasonic Thickness Testing (UTT)

- Core testing and inspection of load bearing timber components.

- Protective paint coating thickness and condition inspections.

- Jet probing and seabed core sampling capabilities.

- Stress testing & tensioning of bar anchors.

- Photographic inspections

- Bathymetry

- CCTV Video Inspection

- Detailed reporting

Marine Vessel Salvage and Demolition

Shorewater Marine has successfully completed numerous vessel salvage and vessel demolition tenders over the years, using our experienced and professional methodologies to ensure the safe transportation, demolition & salvage of the vessels.


Shorewater Marine always approach and complete each extraction with the environment in mind, ensuring we leave the premises with the smallest and safest environmental footprint possible with many cases improving upon the current environmental climate of the extraction area.

Mine Site & Contamination Diving

Shorewater Marine's team of experienced Commercial Divers are well equipped and educated for contaminated worksite works including diving, fabrication, repairs and inspections. Using our state of the art suits and helmets we can ensure every dive is a safe dive.

Marine Services

Our Marine Services include:

- Logistical vessel support

- Vessel dry hire

- Marine Carpentry

- Marina asset maintenance

- Steel fabrication

- Licensed labour hire provider

- Qualified in the removal of Asbestos contaminated materials.

Dive Services

Our Dive Services include:

- Marine Salvage

- Mooring installations & inspections

- DOT recognised mooring contractor

- Navigational Aid installation and servicing

- Photography & videography inspections

- Concrete & timber core drilling

- Subsea licensed asbestos removalists

- Boat ramp installation

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