Decking Tile - Nautic M4

Decking Tile - Nautic M4

Poralu Nautic Decking Tile M4: 598 X 498, 0.3 m².

Availible in dune sand and graphite

Fasteners sold separately


    The Ecostyle decking is composed of UV treated resistant polypropylene tiles.

    Guaranteed for 10-year life span, they can endure extreme temperatures (+40 to -20 degrees Celsius). 

    They can be assembled and disassembled within minutes to access service piping and cable routing. Their perforated surface lets the light through to preserve the local flora and fauna. Within our two lines - Nautic or Premium- we developed a wide range of colours and accessories to suit the more luxurious marinas


    Due to the varierty of jetty systems in Western Australia. We highly reccomend all customers to contact us on 9408 0896 or email: to ensure this product suits your required needs.